July 2012 – Real Estate Market Update

While furious may be too strong a word, buyers are growing increasingly frustrated. They are frustrated with the lack of homes from which to choose. They are frustrated when they learn that the buyers’ market full of good deals that prevailed for years is over in all but a few areas and sellers have regained the upper hand at the negotiating table.

June 2012 – Real Estate Market Update

With many markets along the Front Range heating up, as evidenced by surging sales volumes, dwindling inventory and rising prices, sellers have begun to reassert themselves.

In many neighborhoods, the days of sellers having to bide their time, wait patiently and hope that their home would be the lucky one chosen out of dozens of listings by the one active buyer in their market are over.

April 2012 – Real Estate Market Update

Real Estate Market Update
“Now you see it…now you don’t”

A monthly market analysis capturing the observations and insights of the 8z Team

Buyers are finding that newly listed homes in many local markets are selling quickly. This “disappearing act” is becoming quite common.

In many cases, on the very first day a listing hits the market, multiple offers are received and the property is under contract before the clock strikes twelve that night. If buyers are not paying attention, a listing may come and go before they even know it was on the market.

February 2012 – Real Estate Market Update

Dispatch from CO to rest of US: “This is what a recovery in housing looks like.”
A monthly market analysis capturing the observations and insights of the 8z Team
The experts are searching for signs of economic recovery, particularly in the housing market. Many think housing must lead the way. One place the economists might want to look for evidence of this assertion is in Colorado.
Our market is showingunmistakable signs of recoveryand offers a clear picture of how a recovery in housing in other states might unfold.

January 2012 – Real Estate Market Update

2012 Market Outlook: Slow Motion Recovery Continues
A monthly market analysis capturing the observations and insights of the 8z Team
The market ended 2011 in a manner that has become typical during the slow motion housing recovery that we are now two years into. It’s not all that dramatic and does not make for great headlines, but the market continues to grind along showing modest improvement.
The total volume of real estate sold in Dec across all Front Range markets was up 1.1% over Dec 2010, ending the year with a run of six straight months posting a positive year over year gain.

September 2011 – Real Estate Market Update

Perfect Storm for Real Estate Investors
A monthly market analysis capturing the observations and insights of the 8z Team
Before we delve into why current market conditions have created the “Perfect Storm”, and that is meant in a good way, for anyone interested in becoming a real estate investor, let’s take a look at the market data.
The good news for the local real estate market continued (even if you didn’t hear about it; see Rebchook interview below). The post tax credit market stats for August were quite strong.

August 2011 – Real Estate Market Update

For the past few years, the relationship between the real estate market and the stock market has been a rocky one. The real estate market has been blamed, rightfully so, on a regular basis for dragging down the stock market along with the rest of the economy.
In August, that dynamic seems to have undergone a role reversal. It now appears that the stock market is dragging down the real estate market. Certainly the wild stock market gyrations that began in earnest in early August completely drowned out any good news from the real estate market as the first post tax credit data rolled in.
Which is too bad, because there was actually some good news in the real estate market, especially at the local level.

June 2011 – Real Estate Market Update

Slow Motion Recovery
It’s not all that exciting to watch a glacier move down the side of a mountain, or molasses be poured from a jar, or a snail crawl from one spot to another. Yet these are the metaphors that come to mind as we watch the recovery in the housing market unfold.
The market in Colorado is moving beyond merely stabilizing, and is now showing actual signs of recovery, but the pace of improvement is painfully slow. In fact, if you don’t look close, you might even miss the signals of this “slow motion recovery.”
For instance, the May market data could be misinterpreted on the surface as showing signs of market weakness not strength, but there is evidence of recovery in the data, especially when placed in the context of last year’s tax credit.

March 2011 – Real Estate Market Update

The market continues to struggle to keep pace with last year’s market, one that was fueled by the home buyer’s tax credit.

On a national front, February’s home sales report was weaker than expected. The month over month drop of 9.6% in sales grabbed most of the headlines, but the more relevant data point is probably the 2.8% decrease in sales compared to last February. Either way, this is a market that is stabilizing, but fighting to hang on.

Here in Colorado, the solid start to 2011 we experienced in January grew weaker in February. For all the markets along the Front Range, closed sales volume this February decreased 7.8% compared to Feb 2010. In Boulder County, the market was stronger, posting a year over year gain of 1.9% in February.